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Play Rummy Online On RummyIndia

AKRUX DIGITAL PRIVATE LIMITED Rummy App offers the most authentic online rummy experience to our players and allows them to play with real players and other exciting prizes.

Now play Rummy game on the go and experience unmatched thrill and excitement with the Our Rummy App application! Or you can simply visit our website on your mobile phone.

Download the Our Rummy App Mobile app on your Android phone / Tab and enjoy the online rummy game and play rummy game anywhere (In India) you like.

Got stuck with an issue? Our round the clock customer support team is there to help you. Just drop us a mail and you will hear from us within 3 hours. Our tech experts will diagnose the issue and help you with a step by step process to fix the problem.

With single swaps and easy sorting of cards, get ready to play Indian rummy on a fast and simple to manage platform. There are exclusive offers and bonuses available for our registered players, with our rummy online platform.

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AKRUX DIGITAL PRIVATE LIMITED website is one of the most exciting rummy websites for playing all the variants of rummy games online.

We offer you great opportunities to utilize your rummy skills.

Our APP offers you a smooth and user-friendly interface to play seamless Rummy with exciting bonuses and rewards.

This popular game of skill is completely legal and has been expressly validated by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. Playing rummy requires skills like decision making, quick reaction, good observation, as well as a sharp memory.

You can play our rummy games 24×7 from your mobile device that has access to the Internet. To play just complete the registration and do a Rummy game download from our website, and get started.

Our platform is 100% safe and secure with a world-class anti-fraud system. Our round the clock multilingual customer support teams are also there to help to overcome any hurdles you may face while playing Rummy game online

Our website constantly strives to make “Rummy” more and more enjoyable for the community of online players. So, go ahead and register on “Rummy” for an ultimate rummy experience.

Rummy Players Love RummyIndia

  • Sushil Pingle

    1 The policies are fair and there is no doubt about that, I am just waiting for multiplayers option in this app. 2 I havent found the perfect gaming app for me but for now, this one is not too bad. Its free and comes with lots of features and doesn’t hang or anything. 3 Even after playing it for a long time, it has never hang till now. Instead, it keeps getting better with time. 4 I lie you not - This is the most entertaining card gaming app out there. The gaming experience has been

    Sushil Pingle, Latur, Maharashtra
  • Thanigaivelan K

    I have won in lakhs more than 4 times in RummyIndia tournaments. All it takes to win in RummyIndia is sharp memory, patience, calm mind and good concentration. It was a special feeling for me when I won the first prize in tournaments. Thanks to RummyIndia for providing such a fair and competitive platform for true talents. Playing Rummy at RummyIndia has thought me lot of qualities in my life like patience and ability to handle things in life according to the situations. Life throws a lot of options at us, for us to pick or drop, just like a Rummy game, we need to learn, when to play and when to drop. I learnt the above line, into my life, by playing rummy at RummyIndia, Seriously.

    Thanigaivelan K, Chennai, Delhi
  • Dinesh Kumar

    I love playing rummy whenever i am bored and i have been playing on RangRummy since long now. My experience with RangRummy is far better compared to other rummy websites. You can always choose whichever site is better for you but i am sharing my personal experience to you which might help you in choosing the website

    Dinesh Kumar, Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh RSP Sunday Finale
  • Samir Parmar

    I am so excited to win Rs.120000 as first prize in the Milestone Monday tournament. I have been playing rummy at RummyIndia for the past 5 years and have won so many tournaments under various formats. But so far, I have not won more than Rs.25,000 in a single go. At last I won more than Rs.25,000 this time. Thanks a lot.

    Samir Parmar, Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat 1st Prize Winner (1.2 lakhs) Milestone Monday
  • Sivaprakasam T

    This rummy game is fantastic, which has made me a fan of rummy. Very nicely built and all the options are useful.

    Sivaprakasam T, Bangalore, Karnataka Fast Lane Friday
  • Narayanan Kutty

    I have installed RangRummy instead of other rummy apps and it was indeed the best decision ever. RangRummy never disappointed me in these days as I have been winning almost every time. The app has an easy to use dashboard and eye-catching graphics. There are so many games and I like playing RangRummy. I have registered and started playing RangRummy. Got my eyes on the grand prize!

    Narayanan Kutty, Bangalore, Karnataka 1st Prize Winner (3 lakhs) Turbo Tuesday
Disclaimer - Rummy is a game of skill. The above testimonials are of real players

100% कानूनी:

माननीय द्वारा रम्मी को कौशल का खेल घोषित किया गया था। 1968 में भारत का सर्वोच्च न्यायालय और मुफ्त या नकद के लिए खेलने के लिए 100% कानूनी है!

जिम्मेदार प्ले:

अपने सभी खिलाड़ियों को जिम्मेदारी से खेलने के लिए प्रोत्साहित करता है। नियंत्रण में रहो, मनोरंजन रहो!
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*You must be 18 years or older to play real rummy
*Players from Telangana, Odisha, Assam, Nagaland,Arunachal Pradesh,Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh And Skkim are not allowed as the local law required.

Players from Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, Nagaland, Telangana,Arunachal Pradesh, Andra Predesh and Tamil Nadu are not allowed to play online rummy for prizes.